A Conundrum

How do I love thee?

Let me count the ways . . .

I can’t actually

it would take 1000 days

And while I was busy counting these

I’d be unable to eat any cheese

A conundrum

You’ll just have to trust

That I love thee, cheese

so much

Healthy People

Here is something true: Healthy people DO

But we aren’t all healthy all the time, so sometimes people don’t.

“I’d love to sit around eating cheese all day,” we say

But we joke!

It might be fun for a day or a week, then it won’t

Because healthy people want to DO; unhealthy people don’t.

And the solution isn’t to MAKE THEM DO STUFF

It’s to heal them with love while they won’t

Here is My Secret

The air tastes pure but

but the sand finds it’s way to my toes

The sound of crashing waves is the most

peaceful sound I know

but my sandals catch more scratching

sand the further out I go

I can sit here snacking on cubes of cheese

but at least one grain of sand will find my teeth

In this place where I feel the most like me

is this grating stuff that won’t let me be

So here’s my secret

I only need a few perfect breaths

Where all of my attention is on the peaceful crest

Between crashing waves

and on the breeze against my neck and on my snack

And the grains o sand are a forgotten past

For a few breaths at best

Perfect rest

Being Kind

Being kind

doesn’t mean

someone likes what you say

Being kind means

it needed said and

you found a compassionate way

a way with the gentleness you’d

hope to be treated with

and  a way with a cheese basket

if a situation needed it.

Palm Trees

Palm trees

are pretty as they sway

in the breeze

But palm trees

would be better if

palm trees

grew cheese

So many good treats

are made by trees

It’s a lost opportunity

that not one grows cheese

If trees did grow cheese

which tree could you see

growing which type of cheese?


If I wanted some cheese

Hagrid would bring me some

If I needed a friend

Hagrid is 8 feet of fun

If I needed a loving squeeze

Hagrid would be there with a hug

If I needed someone to stand up for me

hagrid would be the one.