What A Cheeser Would Do – A Guest Post

Try not to love this awesome cheesy poem by Lisa Leshaw


The doctor asked my diet

I smiled and could not lie

I’m pretty much a cheeser

Then looked her in the eye;

Cheddar is my breakfast

Gouda comes with lunch

Swiss it’s part of supper

Laughing Cow rounds out the bunch

I stock it in my pockets

To buoy me through life

No matter what the problem

Cheese is a cure for strife.

Forget about the burger

Or the sandwich that you grill

I eat it from the wrapper Naked,

plain that is the thrill.

The doctor wasn’t laughing

She chastised my choices of cheese

She wrote me out an eating plan

I nodded like I’d appease

Then I left her office

Found friends who would fondue

I’m in the market for a new doctor

Who understands what a cheeser will do.


Lisa’s Bio: I love Stevie Swift 😆

love you too, Lisa!

The Missing Cheese – A Guest Post

Tonight, tonight, It’s burger night!
We checked that we have everything.
Here’s the bacon, the burgers, the buns and the cheese… Oh wait!
Where’s the cheese?!
We have the peas but not the cheese, Makes me grumble, makes me sneeze.
I say to my mom, “We’re all out of cheese!”
She says, “Well, try something else on the burger, like beans.”
I say “No! I only want cheese, but I suppose I will try it.”
And so I did, but I still like cheddar better than beans.

THIS IS A GUEST POST BY ANNABEL – thank you Annabel!

About the Author: Annabel Albers is a soon-to-be middle schooler. She is a lover of books and an aspiring musician.

It’s Mean

It’s mean to trap mice
With their favorite thing
It’s mean, mean, mean

How would you like it
If you were having a DAY
And looked up to find an overflowing plate

You give it a sniff
A big, juicy whiff

And you say to yourself “Right,
I think I just might.”

You reach for your snack –

It’s mean
It’s mean to trap mice with their favorite thing
It’s just mean.

The Magic Word – A Guest Post

Magic Word

a guest poem by Jenny Albers

You’re hungry for tacos or pasta or beef? 

Oh, you’d like pizza or soup or potatoes? Good grief!

Now it’s crackers or quiche, a charcuterie board too?

What’s that? Why yes, I do like fondue.

And casseroles and chili and nachos? Of course!

All of these things are what I endorse.

Okay, okay. I’ve got you covered.

Just let me see what I’ve got in the cupboard.

But first, you know what you must say.

The magic word comes before the buffet.

Oh, what’s that? I heard you say please.

That’s not the word. Do not tease!

Now, I know you know better.

The magic word is closer to cheddar.

Cheddar, like cheese. Yes, that’s it! 

You’re almost there. You’re too close to quit!

That’s right! The magic word isn’t please,

but CHEESE! Yes, cheese!

That’s it! You’ve got it! Now let’s take a seat.

We’ll have all the cheese we can possibly eat!

Thank you Jenny!
Jenny Albers is a wife, mother, and writer. She’s an expert procrastinator who is most likely avoiding an approaching deadline. She believes she can have her cheese and eat it too.

Jenny writes at www.jennyalbers.com you can find her on Facebook and Instagram too

Comfort Zones

There is a time for getting
Out of comfort zones

A time for letting
People drag you from home

And there’s a time to stay
In your comfortable sheets

Beneath a big, fat tray
Of cheeses and meats

Comfort zones are fine
I sure like mine